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Silver Salmon Fishing

Southern Vancouver Island offers some of the Pacific coasts finest Silver Salmon Fishing.  The Silver Salmon has many names.  Canadians know them as the Coho, they have also been called Bluebacks.  The original name of the Silver Salmon was Oncorhynchus Kisutch.

The Silver Salmon is typically 18 to 24 inches in length and 8 to 12 pounds in weight.  Adult Silver Salmon in the ocean are have a steel blue or slightly green colour with silver sides, white bellies and black spots on their backs.  In 1947, the largest ocean caught Silver Salmon weighed in at 31 pounds.  Some experts believe that this record may soon be eclipsed by Silver Salmon living in the Great Lakes, where they were introduced a few decades ago.

Silver salmon fishing is often a source for an exciting adventure as a hooked Silver Salmon will often spend as much time in the air as in the water.  They are sometimes known as the acrobat's of the salmonid world.  Experienced fishermen will often consider Silver Salmon's behavior.  Typically, summer runs occupy the first 50 feet, 1 to 3 miles offshore.  Tidelines often spell food to hungry Silver Salmon.

Foghorn Charters can offer you the ultimate Silver Salmon Fishing adventure.  Contact us today!

Silver Salmon Fishing

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