Salmon Fishing Charters in Victoria, BC

Salmon Fishing BC

Experience Salmon Fishing BC with one of Vancouver Island's most respected guides, Foghorn Fishing Charters, conveniently located in downtown Victoria's inner harbour.

British Columbia offers a variety of salmon fishing options.  There are five varieties of salmon that can be found throughout BC, the Pink Salmon, the Chum Salmon, the Sockeye Salmon, the Coho Salmon and finally the Chinook/Spring Salmon.

The Pink Salmon is the smallest of BC's salmon, with an average weight of about five pounds.  The Chum Salmon averages 8 to 12 pounds and has been seen as large as twenty pounds.  The Sockeye salmon, best know for its bright red flesh, was traditionally a commercial fishing target in BC Salmon fishing.  Now Sockeye salmon have a strong role in BC sports fishing.  Americans know the Coho as Silvers or Blueback, but to Canadians they will always be known as the Coho.  The Chinook is the largest of the Pacific coastal salmon and can reach weights of up to 100 pounds it is also one of the most sought after game fish in BC.

We offer top of the line fishing gear and marine electronics.  Choose Foghorn Fishing Charters to be your guide to Salmon Fishing in BC.  Contact us today!

Salmon Fishing BC

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